June 9, 2017 by Jennifer Pearson, Content Specialist, Surthrive

Finding the right talent to help take your business to the next level can be a difficult task. Atlanta’s vast startup ecosystem is filled with incredible entrepreneurs and startups that offer many services, but within the ecosystem it is fairly easy to have your business card lost in a massive stack of other contacts. How do you take networking to another level, and establish meaningful connections? The answer is simple – bring founders together to exchange services and make sure they leave with more than a contact, but plans to move forward!

We hosted the second edition of The Service Exchange (TSE), and the turnout was phenomenal. Individuals with marketing, finance, legal, and development backgrounds filled the room and were ready to solve the problems of other founders. A common challenge many entrepreneurs faced during the second edition was building a strong technical foundation to support their business plan. Also, there was a need for marketing and social strategy.

TSE helps to solve these problems by having everyone that attends deliver a 30 second pitch that details their company, a specific pain point, and how they can help others. Majority of the event is dedicated to individuals meeting other individuals from backgrounds that differ from their own through various breakout sessions. We encourage them to take the lead and have conversations about their pain points, exchange resources, and continue building relationships long after the event.

We created an exclusive Slack channel for TSE attendees to continue the collaboration conversation, stay connected, and schedule meetings with the person other founders in need.

Thank you to everyone that came to The Service Exchange and we hope you join us next time! If you haven’t already, follow us on social to register for the third edition of TSE.